Level Control Company

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The level control is important for many reasons. Too much or too little level in a container can be detrimental and so it needs to be monitored and controlled, with alarm activating to alert people that something is wrong or that they need to do something. An example of the need for control and alarms is in a sewer system where the storm water collection system and sewer system are separate. In the event of heavy rain storms, water can get in to and overwhelm the sewer system, causing the sewage to overflow into the streets.

It is astonishing that how many applications in our day to day lives require load measurements and how load cells are an integral part of our lives. Right from the newspaper to tea, in our cars to the food counter in the mall, we come across load cells everywhere. Though, they are usually not spotted by us at the plain sight, because they are hidden in the inner workings of the instrument. The loadcell mounts are comprised of a spring element on which the strain gauges are placed. The spring elements are sturdy and minimally elastic, as they made of steel or aluminum. According to the name spring element, the steel is minimally deformed under the pressure of a load, and then returns to its initial, starting position, elastically responding to every load.